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Ref. 21: The Compact Pochade Box.

  • The Compact Pochade Box is a lovely painting box to take out and about — just rest the box on your lower arm and hold it steady with your hand. No table or tripod needed. The angle of your painting can be easily varied by tilting your wrist.

  • The external measurements are 225mm x 185mm x 95mm (8.75" x 7.25" x 3.75").
    The internal measurements of the base of the box are 200mm x 150mm (8" x 6"approx). The depth below the palette is 35mm (1.375").

  • The lid of the varnished box is designed so that, when it is open, it is at an angle that is ideal for oil painting. Three wet boards measuring 203mm x 152mm (8" x 6") can be securely held in the lid – access being via the hinged front of box.

  • When the box is closed there is sufficient space to allow for paint to remain on the palette and not to touch the first board.

  • The Compact Pochade Box has a shoulder strap and as the palette can slide out to either side, the box is suitable for both left and right handed painters.

  • The Box weighs 820gms.

Price: £39.00

© R. Abbey, 2008.